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At a time when architects, contractors and customers are just beginning understand the benefits of “working together” and turn their focus to integrated project delivery, Tom Cheek has been delivering projects this way for over 30 years. It is the only way he has ever worked and it is the only delivery method used at TCDB. All building services architecture, engineering, estimating and construction are performed at an organizational level – with a shared purpose and bottom line – true SingleSource delivery.

DesignBuild is not the “shotgun marriage” of a contractor and architect for a single project. You have to ask – who is ultimately in charge and who has ultimate responsibility for the project? Is there a learning curve on each project – with a different team? Does the architect know construction and estimating? Is the contractor an architect? In traditional architect/contractor projects the answer is “Not even close.”

With one responsible/accountable SingleSource streamlined communications between all entities allow complex problems to be solved. We are firmly committed to the integration of design and construction and the principle that superior design, lowest guaranteed price, quality, schedule and performance can only be achieved through this comprehensive approach. Responsibility for both design and construction comes with assurance that the product and its components will perform – with no excuses and no finger pointing.

We are better architects because we are contractors and better contractors because we are architects. Everyone pulls in the same direction – with team spirit not adversarial attitudes. The result is the best design at the best price… guaranteed.