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When the architect has construction knowledge it informs the design process and encourages innovation. Knowing how something will be built and approximately how much it will cost allows the freedom to consider many design options.             

Design and construction is a complex process. Regardless of experience, ability or preparation, much is revealed during construction.  When the builder is also the architect there is unquestioned authority over on-site design/construction decisions and all workers. On-the-spot decisions and details allow the project not just to stay on budget and schedule, but to achieve a higher quality standard -- true “value engineering.”

When building skills do not reside with the architect, designs tend to devolve to a level of mere “pretty pictures” that are costly, unrealistic and unbuildable. Likewise, when design skills do not reside with the builder, building activities tend to devolve to the level of rote operations for making money. Complaints of bad details become an excuse for poor quality and craftsmanship. SingleSource construction documents must be more complete earlier in the project to guarantee the price.

Traditional project delivery proponents see DesignBuild as “the fox in the henhouse.”  When the fox guarantees responsibility for design, cost and quality â he belongs in the henhouse!

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